Terms and Conditions

In this day and age, you gotta protect yourself. If something breaks or gets damaged then everyone has a problem. And if there’s stuff in our cans that don’t belong, well, somebody’s gotta pay for it. And that somebody’s gonna be you.

In all seriousness, the following terms and conditions must be agreed to before any transaction can take place. This is to protect all parties and properties involved in the container rental process. If you have any questions about the following terms, contact our office before requesting delivery of a dumpster or roll-off container.

IMPORTANT:  Andy Strange Grading (ASG) is NOT RESPONSIBLE for damage to driveways or yards if asked to place the container in these locations.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Weight Overages for containers will be charged at $52.00 per ton.
  • Containers are yours for 21 days, after which it is $15.00 per day rental or $225.00 for an additional 30 days. Time starts the day after the container is delivered to your property.
  • Cross ties will add $150.00 to the container rental no matter how many, due to costs and procedures associated with the disposal of hazardous waste. Containers with cross ties are still held to weight limits, and will be charged at $65.00 per ton on overages.
  • Mattresses and box springs will be an additional charge of $25.00 per each.
  • Tires will be $12.00 each.
  • If you feel that the container needs to be on plywood or blocked, you as the customer must supply those items, as our trucks do not have a safe way to haul such material.
  • Containers are not automatically picked up on the 22nd It is the customer’s responsibility to call the ASG office at 770-534-5360 and schedule pick up of the container or via our website https://andystrangegrading.net/pickup. If container is called in for pickup before the 21st day no added rental fees will be charged.
  • Please leave a minimum of 12 inches of clearance from the top of the container down to your debris, so the container can be tarped and transported safely.
  • Clean concrete, (concrete that has no other debris included) is transported in 20yd containers only, and no overweight charges will apply.
  • Tree debris, large quantities (large limbs, stumps, logs) are transported in 20yd containers only, and no overweight charges will apply, providing there is no other debris in the container.
  • No Chemicals, Paints, Solvents, Gasoline or Oils, are allowed in the container!
  • Asbestos can be hauled providing we are told prior to can delivery and the customer is responsible for completing the proper manifest before our driver leaves customer site.
  • Dry Runs. At any time we arrive on site and cannot deliver or cannot pick up the container it will be considered a dry run and a fee will be charged to you as the customer. Valid reasons for us to charge you the customer, low hanging power, phone lines or tree branches, cars blocking access, material sticking over the rails, door open on the container, containers just too heavy to move, locked gates, blocked driveways or parking lots. The dry run fee will be $125.00. This fee covers driver time, fuel, and cost associated with re-routing the driver.
  • Permits and HOA approvals are the customers responsibilities not ASG. If our containers are delivered before you get the permits and approvals, the customer is responsible for all fines and fees.
  • Credit Cards. Since we accept credit cards as payment, and there are times where overages, mattresses and tires may be involved, we will keep your card on file for a period up to 120 days, and charge to you your card any of the above charges covered by the terms and conditions.

By agreeing to these terms, you are entering a binding contract in which Andy Strange Grading and Roll Off, or ASG, has your authorization to charge your credit card up to 120 days after the initial pickup of your container for overweight fees and $10 per day for any days over the 21-day limit.